What Works for You?

Reflecting Pond

Reflecting Pond

Happy Holidays !  It's that time of year to step back and reassess where you are and where you want to be going.  This is important !  You have to know where you are in all honesty (Point A) before you can chart the course for where you want to go (Point B) and then how you might go about getting there.  This takes a little bit of quiet, reflective time.  Are you willing? 

I always like to start off in positive territory, sometimes needing to stay there for quite awhile.

What was good about this past year?

 What am I proud about?

Take some time to drop into that question and celebrate, acknowledge, maybe even gloat a little. Try not to be distracted by the self critical tendency that we all know so well and really spend some time dropping into what went right for you as if it was a good long soak.  Examine what qualities were present for you when things went right, who was there, what were the surrounding conditions, and what you remember feeling emotionally.   Just soak on in, put the music on, take out your journal, or watercolors, and spend some high quality time with yourself and what feels good.

So... how to get more of this in your life for the coming year?  More of the qualities and situations that let you shine.  Or maybe you would like to move forward, hoping to grow from your past successes.  Mo is better!   How do you set up the conditions to help take you where it is you want to go?  It could be as simple as being around supportive friends, or setting aside Sunday afternoons for just you.   You might need to make some requests at work or at home.  Hey this works for me and I would like your support in not loosing sight, in creating more of this.

Also as you take into account what works for you, what you feel positive about, it's a good time to dream forward.  

What do I really want for myself this next year?

 How can I keep the things that support me a top priority?

 What do I need to be my best, boldest self?

 I myself had a really difficult 2017 year.  Health is my challenge and time and time again I bumped up against how I wanted to be versus how I was feeling.  Large gaps in there.   And in the midst of these challenges I was lucky enough to get a new puppy !! , and a new hip,  co-lead my first retreat - gulp - and visit some old friends, while doing work that is meaningful.  So something is working for me and I need to acknowledge what this is so I can hopefully move more easily through the future challenges - health or other.   Even just acknowledging this is good fuel for feeding that state of mind of " Ok now what is next?"

So if you are in the doldrums, catch yourself being very self judgmental, or feeling a little unsure of where it is you are going,  time to ask yourself

 "What is working for me?"

Or maybe you feel ready, on the cusp for your next great move, time to get your tools, or as one client says her allies, in line and go for it!

I would love to hear about your inquiries !   Stay in touch.  I have many things that I rely on for support - meditation, space in my days, reflective movement - and as 2017 ends I am feeling very appreciative of my physical therapist, sarahbigsky@gmail.com, because - Hey this works for me!