Heartfelt Comments

"Due to Shunya's encouragement, compassion, knowledge and inquiry skills I have made a major life change with grace. She is a gifted healer, listener and has extreme insight and clarity. I never felt judged or criticized, just encouraged to reach my full potential of spirit. Shunya stays fully present and focused while unearthing the truth. 

I found the weekly accountability aspect really helpful too. Her use of guided meditations really gave me calm and insight. Laughter was also there to lighten the way through. I cannot recommend this process enough-and I have to many friends. I now describe my quality of life and my health as hopeful and positive. Instead of dark and fearful. Being willing to look at what is working and what is not serving one's life with such an amazing guide has been a huge blessing."

- Delisa Sage, artist/business owner working with autoimmune illness

"I found Shunya’s depth of empathy and understanding as a safe and trusting place to communicate and express my self openly. Our relationship and the sharing of this space provided a framework to cultivate a vision for personal growth and the deepening of my self-awareness. Her coaching techniques, compassion, and loving-encouragement helped provide perspective, structure, and clarity moving forward.”

-  Anthony Laurino, Creative Director

"I have learned to listen to myself more rather than pushing myself and I have more confidence in my inner voice.  This is having a big impact by helping me quickly make more confident decisions, and that feels like greater clarity, a big value of mine discovered in our work together.”

                                                                            -  Nathan, Career Transition

"Working with Shunya has been an enjoyable, comfortable experience.  In just a few months, I’ve really been able to focus on what I want to get out of life – and how I can achieve that.   I also learned how to keep in balance and enjoy my journey through one of the most challenging periods in my life."  

                                                                           -  Ryan, Entrepreneur managing Stress 

"Through coaching I could see that Being Well in the body is the foundation for all else.  It is easy to get distracted by everyday life so it is important to realize that your Health is everything,  I found Shunya to be open and compassionate, nonjudgmental and yet helpful in exploring what was my next step forward toward wellness"  

– Laura, Looking for ease in life and work

 "Working with Shunya coincided with a time of great change for me.  Her gentle wisdom, essential bravery, loving support, and sense of possibility and playfulness were transformative.  I always felt that there was nothing that I could not share with her in absolute safety. When I go back over some of the notes and writings we generated I am amazed at the progress that was made.... in the discovery and correct identification of the issues that were nagging at me,  and the journey continues."  

– Victoria Reynolds, CEO Tuell and Reynolds Inc

“Shunyamala very skillfully held space for me to vent my fears and concerns as I struggled to navigate through a difficult life transition.  Her guidance is creative, holistic and spiritual in nature: with a flexible approach that maintains the big picture of a situation, hence refraining from getting caught up in the weeds.  Throughout my healing process I certainly felt accountable to her and greatly appreciated her concerns for my well being: it was very genuine."

– Margaret, Healing through a difficult transition

"In our weekly discussions, Coach Shunya carefully & skillfully guides me toward realizing my own motivation, helping me to clarify my goals and design my own series of actions.  Each and Every session becomes a mini-transformation."

– Joelle S., clarifying life options

"What’s been so valuable in my coaching sessions is that Shunya witnesses my effort and holds the mirror up kindly, reminding me of what I might otherwise ignore or what I’ve temporarily lost sight of. Knowing that next session is out there is like having a zip-line to the next platform. I have those things I’m working on, my current inquiry, and then I jump off into the week flying through a landscape that would be a whole other story to cross on foot...”

– Danamaya Gorham, nurse practitioner

"Thank you for yesterday’s journey two-gether.  I feel more peace-filled and relaxed this morning for the first time in a very long time....Thank you for “naming” my allies and waking them up inside of me so that I remember and recognize myself coming home.
It’s such a gift!"    

                                                                         -   Arlene Naschke, Aligning with Values

"You are a wonderful coach. You have empathy without letting the goals of your clients out of sight.   The coachings I experienced with you are still VERY present in my life. You have such great intuition and I experienced that you know very well about tools and techniques which makes your coaching rich and very enabling. You helped to discover what really matters.You touched my soul, my heart with your great voice while coaching on the telephone."

– Carolin Zeller, HR Senior Consultant