Mindfulness Based Wellness Coaching

What is it that you really want? 

Intuitively you know what would help you feel better - a simpler life, more exercise, less stress, expressing your creativity? or maybe you just sense there is something holding you back - Now imagine having a compassionate, creative partner in supporting active choices toward change and transformation.  As your coach I promise to be a deep listener, an imaginative guide, and will support you each step of the way as we creatively uncover what is most important for you.

Sometimes the smallest shifts can make the most powerful changes. If “I just want to feel good again”  sounds familiar and you are ready to Transform, then contact me.  Co-Active coaching is a partnership, much like a dance.  Come dance with me and let's see if we are a good match to explore possible change together.  

HeartWisdom Coaching explores:

  • Sneaky Saboteurs and Potential Portals toward Growth

  • Fixed Self Beliefs and untapped Inner Wisdom

  • Hidden Obstacles and Creative Self Resources

Together we design a path that motivates and holds you accountable to creating the life that you want to live.  You can take control of your life, shift your relationship to stress or chronic illness, change life long habits that don’t align with heart felt aspirations, and trust the inner confidence that lives within you.

“The ultimate purpose of inquiry is that it allows us to pause, rather than ride along on the habitual track of our assumptions about reality. In the space of a pause, truth can shine through.”
— Tara Brach


" Being willing to look at what is working and what is not serving one's life with such an amazing guide has been a huge blessing."

" You helped to discover what really matters."

"Coach Shunya carefully & skillfully guides me toward realizing my own motivation, helping me to clarify my goals and design my own series of actions"

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Coach Shunya