My Approach

What is Wellness?  It can be an aspect of everything we do and are; from how we feel in our job, in our relationships, and ultimately in our body.  

Our minds and bodies inherently want to be healthy and happy, and if given the optimal conditions will return to their natural balance.  Mindfulness Based Stress and Wellness Coaching can help you find that path forward, free from old patterns and stories that may at one time have served you, but now hold you back, creating disharmony internally.   Coaching can create the alignment you are seeking in all aspects of who you are.

“To be in relationship to what you are going through, to hold it, and in some sense, to befriend it – that is where the transformative power of the practice of mindfulness lies.”
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

Our work together may include assessing life values, inquisitive questions, visualization, meditation, metaphors, and many other options, all designed to create a place of discovery for you.  And of course there is deep listening, my focused presence, and intuitive dialogue all along the way reinforced with trust and accountability.

As partners we will design the coaching structure that best supports your style and preference.  Typically I find that working consistently once a week brings the most effective results for transformation.  Each person is different and that's one great thing about coaching - it is all about you!  Your agenda, your goals, your dreams...below are some possibilities.

  • Coaching individually in weekly sessions

  • Coaching individually once every two weeks

  • Group Coaching and Facilitating Discussions

  • Day Workshops

  • Meditation Guidance

  • Peer Coaching Review and Feedback



"Each and Every session becomes a mini-transformation."

"Due to her encouragement, compassion, knowledge and inquiry skills I have made a major life change with grace. She is a gifted healer, listener and has extreme insight and clarity."

"You helped to discover what really matters.You touched my soul, my heart with your great voice."

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Shunya Anding