Meet Shunya

Shunya Anding - Wellness Coach

Living Simply And Loving Greatly

Whether you are dealing with a serious health issue or dragged down by stress and misalignment with your values, you will find me a compassionate listener and an intuitive communicator. I believe creativity can infuse all that we are, bringing a sense of contentment and meaning to our lives.  

Through years of managing my own chronic auto-immune illness I have learned effective, authentic, holistic ways to soothe the roller coaster challenges that being out of balance in our bodies and in our minds can bring.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”
— Rumi

I understand the personal daily challenges of living from a “less than” place and how that can block the song you were meant to sing, re-enforcing the patterns of stress and ill health.  I believe in designing the conditions and environment that most fully support who it is you dream to be and what is possible from that place.  We can trust that our bodies inherently want to heal themselves, they are just waiting for the optimum conditions to do it within and then in return trust that we will consistently choose these optimum conditions as a new pattern or habit.

My active Meditation and Mindfulness practice grounds me in my Wellness place and provides insights into my healing world.  Recently ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order has strengthened my commitment to a life of truth and clarity.  I was given the name Shunyamala, which means wrapped in open possibilities and for me this is a place of wisdom and flow.  Meditation has helped reveal that cellular patterns of illness can change with mindfulness and a re-design of personal habits can transform stress into fulfillment and happiness.  

I am indebted to the many healing teachers I encountered while learning how to control Lupus and now I would like to share those life changing lessons with you. Whether you have a serious illness, challenge, or find yourself not living to your healthiest potential in life, in work, or in love, I would like to work together so that all of us can live Well!





Name: Shunya
Birthday:  Feb. 25th
Status: Married with dog
Hometown: San Francisco
Education: BS of Architecture, Certified Co-Active ProfessionalCoach,
School: University of Illinois, Coaches Training Institute
Major: Architecture
Occupation: Wellness Coach, Meditation teacher at SF Buddhist Center


Books: Haiku Mind by Patricia Donegan, Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams
Writers: Michael Ondaatje, Pema Chodron
Food: Crisp apples from the orchard, garden kale, Stevia sweetened dark chocolate
Travel Destinations: Greece, Italy, France, Cuba, Botswana


Beauty in Motion
Failure and the Desire to Keep Creating
San Francisco Buddhist Center