Reflections on Change

Hollys' winter roses freshly opened

Freshness... it's a brand new year, a new day, a new breath.  There is something promising in that for me, something fragranced with possibility, a hint of the freedom I feel in being truly open to whatever unfolds.  It feels uplifting, promising, light ...

And then the strong lure of doing things the way I have always done them, going back into my usual schedule with the regular patterns, kicks in.  Patterns that serve me, though not quite grow me, and lack that sense of possibility.  The strong lure of what is known, what is expected.

I imagine many of you find yourself in a similar situation this time of year and I challenge you, us, to stay in this place of possibly choosing something new.  Drop down into it, uncomfortable as it might feel, and fight the urge to jump into the next thing on the list, the next distraction.  Trust that these shorter days and colder weather are the perfect conditions for regenerating our root systems, (thank you ES!), and connecting with the core values in our lives.  What would allow you to luxuriate in this deep reflective place?  A hot bath, alone time with your journal, a long walk...  A chance to reflect on what brings a sense of health, well being, satisfaction.  What do I want to carry with me into 2015?  What do I want to let go of?   What qualities do I want to nurture in myself or in others?   Oh no, I can almost feel these questions stirring up a heaviness, a dullness, an instinctive urge to turn away.  And that is where the perspective of freshness helps.  Once you honestly reflect and clearly see what is there, then you are free to choose afresh and not continue to carry around the weight of procrastination.§

Freshness can be a state of mind, it can be a place of embodiment, and a very creative place from which to move from, make choices from. What is it you would really like to say yes to in this new year?  What is whispering in your ear, or for some of us screaming from our bodies?  And as you tentatively feel the urge to Say Yes to change, notice what this change is saying No to -  no to feeling stuck, no to status quo, no to a history that you do not need to relive.

This helpful exercise works just as well the opposite way.  Perhaps you know what you don't want, know clearly what did not work for you last year, can easily write a list of No, not with fresh curiosity imagine what those No's are really a declaration of Yes towards.

Each No is a Yes to something positive that moves you forward, each Yes is a No to an obstacle holding you back, and as you become more aware of this phenomenon more and more choices present themselves.  In fact our lives are a series of choices, and our choices shape our lives. 

In the freshness of this New Year what will you choose for yourself?  What can you say Yes to?