Mindfulness Based Wellness Coaching
with Shunya Anding, CPCC


Coaching with Shunya; def. - v. effective, creative partnering that is curious, poignant, surprising and deep; all in the service of your own powerful discoveries for claiming clarity, purpose, and ease.

Shunya Anding
There could be another path...

There could be another path...

The Mindful APPROACH

Having personally walked this path, I now want to be your scout, your muse, your guide.  I understand personally what it feels like to painfully face that you are not living the life you want. Actively managing auto-immune illness myself for the past 20 years, I have many secrets to living the good life and if you look a little deeper you will find me; 

  • trained and certified by the respected Coaches Training Institute, CTI

  • meditation teacher in the art of mindfulness and Buddhism

  • skilled listener and intuitive friend

  • naturally grounded in compassion and curiosity

  • a past architect who believes in creativity for both your inner and outer world

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Let's have a conversation

Let's have a conversation


Stress, Anxiety, Illness - I believe our bodies and minds inherently want to balance themselves and can with the optimum conditions.  I help my clients claim the life they really want and then support them in mindfully shifting their patterns to make it all happen.  As partners, we will:

  • learn to listen to your heart, trust from your gut

  • find your own inner calm of mindfulness

  • silence your inner saboteurs of self doubt, fear, and overwhelm

  • create your optimum conditions toward vibrance, radiance, and happiness

  • Connect to your deepest values while developing your own big picture vision for a successful, happy life

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“I now describe my quality of life and my health as hopeful and positive. Instead of dark and fearful. Being willing to look at what is working and what is not serving one’s life with such an amazing guide has been a huge blessing.”
— Delisa Sage, artist/business owner working with auto-immune issues

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